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    Tuesday, 10 June 2014

    Imporatnt Question Company Law For LLB Part 2

    1. Define Prospectus and Civil and Criminals Liability 

    2. Explain Memorandum of Association and Article of Association and alteration in both document. 

    3. Modes of winding up of a company 

    4. Share and its kinds 

    5. What is meeting and its kinds under the company ordinance? 

    6. Difference between private and limited company 

    7. Effect of the registration of a company 

    8. Appointment and liabilities of director, chief executive and auditor

    Part 2 Partnership Act 

    1. Define Partnership, Partner and Firm 

    2. Liability of the firm for the wrongful act of a partner 

    3. Difference between Partnership and Company 

    4. Partnership and its kinds 

    5. Rights and duties of partner

    6. Dissolution of firm 

    7. Implied authority of a Partner and liability of a Minor

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