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    Tuesday, 10 June 2014

    Salient Features Of British Constitution

    British constitution system is the oldest democratic system in the modern world. The British were the first to discover how to manage a large state on democratic principles. Greate Britian is mother of democracy.
            There are so many qualitis of british constitution it is called Salient Feature of UK Constitution. There qualities are as follow

    i) Unwritten

    Most important feature of British constitution in unwritten. It is said that UK constitution is unwritten because it is not available in single book. Their problems are discuss in other book. Such as parliament Act of 1911,and ACt of satlement.
            The orgion of constitution is unwritten and these problem are discuss in other books, it consist other tradition.

    ii) Flexiable Constitution

    The British constitution is flexible in its nature because, with the simple majority this constitution can amend, replace and rejected. So,its amendment is very easy as we compare with other non-flexible constitution.

    iii) Evolutionary Growth

    The British constitution has evolutionary growth because it developed time to time and through passage of time this constitution grow.

    iv) Unitary

    This is a also slient feature of UK constitution that single Government run the function of UK.There is no part in this regard single Government mentain all system and this government is responsible for enforcement of law.

    v) Bicarmeralism

    The parliament consist of two chambers House of Lords and House of Common. House of common is most popular because it representative are elected from citizen while house of Lord is inheritan. They are not elected, Queen selected them.

    vi) Rule of Law

    Uk constitution providers rule of law. All the persons are equal in the eyes of law. If any person violates the law, he should face trial of the case in the Government an no person is given imprisonment until his offence is proved in the court.

    vii) Supermacy of constitution

    Their is supermacy of constitution in UK. Every person problem is settled according to constitution.

    viii) Independence of Judiciary

    In UK, their is independent judiciary. Judges are bound to obey and respect constitution. Their are independently makes the decision under the court.
           The receive handsome salary. Nobody, above at the caused seperation of power.

    ix) Collective Responsibility

    Ministers must stand together and they cannot oppose the Government policy. Every minister is also individually responsible to the house of commons and the crown.

    x) Fundamental Rights

    Fundamental rights of the citizen has not been incorporated in the from of a list in the English constitution.
            Consitution law is not creator but a product of fundamental rights, which have been recognized from time to time by the courts.

    xi) Conservativeness

    The British constitution is a symbol of conservativeness. The trend of the people of UK is absolutely in favour of old institution and this concept is existence of conservatism.

    xii) Limited Separation of Power

    In British, there is limited sparation of power. There is concentration of polictical power in the parliament. Nevertheless many safegards have been provided especially under Act of setlament of 1701 to secure the independence of judiciary from under influence on the part of other two braches of the Government.

    xiii) Two Party System

    Two party system is very important in any democratic system. It is against the dictator ship. The party selected by majority gets elected. Two parties in British polictical system are
    a) Conservation Party
    b) Labour Party 

    xvi) Contrast Between Theory and Practice

    There is considerable gap between theory and practice in Britain e.g according to convention of the majority party in the newly elected parliament to form the cabinet, while all the ministers are appointed by the Prime Minister.


    To conclude, i can say, that UK constitution in neither absolutely unwritten nor absolutely written. It is a combination of both and has made a circuite for the goble and has become the common possession of civilized man. 

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