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    Thursday, 12 February 2015

    Failure of Constitution of 1956

    The first constitution of Pakistan 1956 was introduced on twenty third March 1956. First constitution was on presented on an important historical day. Lahore Resolution was presented on twenty third March 1940. Therefore, great expectations were attached with this constitution, but it did not only fail itself, but parliamentary system under it also failed.  

    Causes of Failure of Parliamentary System under Constitution of 1956

    Following are causes failure of constitution of 1956

    Lack of Leadership
    Lack of Leadership played its role in the failure of the constitution of 1956. For Lack of Leadership, Pakistan never found its way to development of its parliamentary system. So, parliamentary system under first constitution of Pakistan failed.

    Lack of Political Training
    There was lack of political training in the country. Many political parties made without any political goal. Their fight against another for gain power. So, under these circumstances, development of parliamentary system under this constitution failed.

    The constitution of 1956 was introduced unicameral legislature. Through unicameral legislature create many problems for Pakistan and the result martial law was imposed in country.

    Delay in Elections
    Every political party try to gain power and no one was interested for elections. So, these circumstances, elections were delayed and such delay caused failure of parliamentary system under first constitution of Pakistan 1956.

    Non Existence of Economic Equality
    Non existence of economic equality in the country was a cause of failure of constitution. Constitution of 1956 described some principles for economic development of country, yet nepotism and feudalism checked the constitution from implementing those principles. Finally, parliamentary system under this constitution failed.

    Lack of State Parliamentary System
    Constitution of 1956 provided those principles which never proved convenient for development of parliamentary system. In this way, parliamentary system failed to develop under first constitution of Pakistan.

    Role of President
    After enforcement of constitution of 1956, role of President remained very authoritative. His undue interference with political parties and ministers kept Pakistan away from constitutional development, and consequently, parliamentary system under this constitution failed.

    Role of Army and Bureaucracy
    The intervention of the army which played havoc with democratic process. Bureaucracy played a very important role for the failure of the constitution 1956.

    Lack of Education
    Unfortunately, the people were not well educated and the people were easily influenced by the demagogues. This lack of education also led to the failure of the constitution.

    One Unit
    All the provinces of West Pakistan was jointed together and made into one unit. It was thought that it would eliminate the prejudices among the Pakistanis but is proved to be a failure and its also led to the failure.


     To conclude, it can be stated that constitutional history of Pakistan reveals that there has been a political conflict between head of state and head of government, and such political conflict thas ofthen led the country to political anarchy. And constitutions of Pakistan have either abrogated or suspended in such political anarchy. As far as constitution of 1956 was concerned, it consisted of some positive characteristics, but such political anarchy caused not only its abrogation, but also failure of its parliamentary system.
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