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    Monday, 9 June 2014

    The Power And Function Of House Of Common


    British parliament is one of the oldest parliament of modern times that is why it is called the mother parliament. The house of Common consist totaly on the elected representives. This house played important role regarding the legalition of UK parliament.

    2- Composition of House of Common

    a) Strent

    The present strent of house of common is 650. Every member represents about 57000 voters.

    b) Term of house

    The member of this house are elected for a term five years. Unless the house is dissolve.The Queen on the advise of Prime Minister can dissolved this house before five years.

    3- Qualification and Election of House of Common

    a) Qualification of Candidates

    Following are the Qualification for the member of house of Common

    i)  Must not be in Alien
    ii) Must be above 25 years of age
    iii)Must not be a bankrupt.
    iv) Must not be of sound mind
    v) He must not be a judge of Supreme Court
    vi) He must not be disqualified by law
    vii) He must not be a priest of established church of UK.
    viii) He must not be a servant of the Crown

    4 - Election of House of Common

    i) Gerneral Election

    When a new house of common is to be elected by the people, it is called general elections.

    ii) BY Election

    By election are held when a vacancy occurs in the house of commons due to the death or resignation of a member.

    5 - Presiding of House of Common

    First of all in this house a speaker is elected than that speaker presied this house.

    6 - Power and function of the House of common

    According to UK constitution the power and function of the house of common are as follow.

    a) Legislative Power

    The house of common enjoy's vest power in the field of legislation . In the begining king and Queen. In the begining king and Queen was only fourtain of justics. After ward according ot passage fo time hole legalitive power goes in the house of common because this house consist eletive represantives. So ther made good legislation for there citizean in the state becuse there are answerable to people being the elected represantive. HOuse of common can modified the exessiting law and can make the national policy. This house can change, repeal all law this house can make new law. This house has all powers about legislation.

    b) Finicial Power

    The house of common the have greate power for about finical. This finical power started according to the Act of 1911. In this bill all power about finance deal according to this house. 

    c) Adminitor Power

    This house also enjoy adiminster power. There have the right of transfer to adminstative person because this real Government is from this house.

    d) Delicated Legislation

    This is also a greate funcation of delicated legislation. Parliament of UK is supreme institution all other departments are infaior in this repect. So house of common delecated these legislation to other atonomic bodies.

    7) Privileges of House of Common

    Following are privileges of this house

    a) Freedom of speach

    It is the right of reprezantive of this house that there is a freedom of the house in matter of depate. After proper discusstion this house maintain public policy. It is a right are spealy discuss clearly and express. So there is right of speach in this house.

    b) Right to Regulate

    This house has right to regulate there own constitution. They can exculude are expele there number as the time of necceary.

    c) Exclusion 

    The house has also the right to exclued the stranger from this house. 

    d) Right to prohabit Publication

    This house has also the right of prohabit publication of its won debates.

    e) Freedom of Arest

    Freedom from arest in civil case for a period of 40 days before and after the section of parliament but this rule cannot apply own criminal case.

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