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    Saturday, 7 June 2014

    Hadd And Tazir What is Distinction Between These Two?

    Punishments are divided in to two types

    1. Hadd
    2. Tazir


    Meaning of Hadd:

    Literally means the word hadd is "limits"

    Legal Meaning:

    Hadd means a punishment which is fixed and enjoined by the right of Allah.

    Origin of Hadd punishment:

    Hadd used to be prevalent in Arabia at the time promulgation of Islam,and the Muhammadan law has laid down a stringent nature conditions under which such punishments may be inflicted.


    Tazir literally means disgracing the criminal for his shameful conduct.

    LEGAL Meaning:
    Punishments "that are at the discretion of the judge when the offence is related to a private injury are called TAZIR".

    FOLLOWING are some points of distinctions between Hadd and Tazir:

    As to object:
    As to right:
    Commuting of sentence:
    Pardon of sentence:
    Operation of mistake:
    Rule of evidence:
    Standard of evidence:
    Mention of offences:


    All these points will i in detail in another moment .


    To conclude , i can say , that the punishment of hadd and tazir is a part of islamic law.

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