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    Saturday, 7 June 2014

    Hadd And Tazir What is Distinction Between These Two?

    Define Hadd and Tazir? What is the Difference between These Two?

    Punishments are divided in to two types

    1. Hadd
    2. Tazir


    Meaning of Hadd:

    Literally means the word hadd is "limits"

    Legal Meaning:

    Hadd means a punishment which is fixed and enjoined by the right of Allah.

    Origin of Hadd punishment:

    Hadd used to be prevalent in Arabia at the time promulgation of Islam,and the Muhammadan law has laid down a stringent nature conditions under which such punishments may be inflicted.


    Tazir literally means disgracing the criminal for his shameful conduct.

    LEGAL Meaning:
    Punishments "that are at the discretion of the judge when the offence is related to a private injury are called TAZIR".

    FOLLOWING are some points of distinctions between Hadd and Tazir:

    As to object:
    As to right:
    Commuting of sentence:
    Pardon of sentence:
    Operation of mistake:
    Rule of evidence:
    Standard of evidence:
    Mention of offences:


    All these points will i in detail in another moment .


    To conclude , i can say , that the punishment of hadd and tazir is a part of islamic law.

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