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    Friday, 6 June 2014

    The Process Of Law Making In England

    1. Introduction
    In the UK ever law beginning as a bill which is a legislation proposal. This bill puts before the parliament of House of common.

    2- Process of Law Making

    The process of Law making in UK has to kinds
    a) Public Bills
    b) Private member Bills

    a) Public Bills

    A public bill is which are effect the general test of the country. It is for all tarte state. It means this bill applied on all citizens of UK.

    Public bills also divided into two kinds:

    i) Money Bills
    ii) Non Money Bills

    i) Money Bills

    Money bills is consist on fiscal. It also consist about financial affairs of the state. This bill always originate in the house of common.House of Lord and king has no consist that bill.

    ii) Non Money Bills 

    In this bill all matters which has non-money consist in this bill house of Lord and king partspate because this is non finical matters.

    B) Private Member Bills

    Private bill is one, which relates to the privileges or interests of some locality, municipality or other particular person or body of person e.g bill to control private school.

    3- Method of Legislation

    The following are method of Law making in UK according to constitution.

    a) Passing of non money Bill
    b) Passing of Private Bill

    a) Passing of non money Bill

    The various stages through which every public bill has to cross may be explain as under

    i) Bill Drafting

    The first step is the drafting of the bill this bill must be written in proper words sentence may be complete and accurate. It means the bill must be repect.

    ii) Second Stage

    The second stage is very important for Making law in UK. A private bill introduce by the private member. On a day fix in advance by an order of the house. In this stage debates started on this bill all members can partespate in this debate. If any are representative disagree with this bill he can criticize on this bill.

    iii) Commitee stage

    Having passed the second reading the bill entered the comenity stage there are five comities in UK. The bill properly  deliver to the concern commities these repare sentences are perfect member of concern commities.

    iv) Third Reading

    After the report stage comes to final stage of the bill in the house concerned, it is third reading. Now the general debate takes place. An amendment already made in the Bill is discussed. Nor fresh amendments can be moved expect verbal. After all this the bill is read for the third time and is put to voting. If passed by majority, the bill is sent to the other house. 

    Bill in the House of Lord

    After the comity stage and second reading the bill sent to the House of Lord.House of Lord complete this proceeding in a short time. If there is some dispute or error than the house the Lord criticize for correction of the bill. After correction the bill passed by the both house.

    Royal Assent

    This is the final and last stage of bill it is called royal Assent which is signified by the king. No king are queen of England science 1707 has never refused to bill it is call royal assent which is signified by the king. No king are Queen of England science 1707 has never refused to sign. A bill put before him for royal assent presume to be accept because king has no power refused it. 

    B) Passing of Private Bills

    The procedure of passing private bills is slightly different from that passing public bills. A petition has to be attached with such bill at the time of its introducation and examiner on petition examines it to make sure that certain requirements have to be met. Affected parties have to be served notice in their context. If examiner certifies that requirements have been met, the initiator is permitted to introduce the bill . If bill is not opposed at the second reading, it is referred to the commitee of private bills. This committee consists of four members of House Of Commons and five members of house of Lords. After receipt of the report, the normal procedure of law making is adopted.


    To concluded i can say that law making processor in UK is very important. Parliament debates bills, motions, etc, law begins as a bill. A lot of care and caution has to be taken to avoid all probable ambiguities. The bill is read three times in each house of parliament and after receiving royal assent becomes on Act of State.

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