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    Saturday, 15 November 2014

    Silent Feature of U.S.A Constitution

    The American Constitution enacted at the convention of Philadelphia in 1789. It consist on seven articles which are not more than seven thousand words and now is with twenty six amendment. The ten amendments for the security of fundamental rights.

    Silent Features Of USA Constitution

    These are following silent feature of USA Constitution.

    (i) Written
    The USA Constitution is written Constitution which is made at Philadelphia convention in 1789. It consist on seven articles which are not more than seven thousand words.

    (ii) Brief Constitution
    The USA Constitution is the briefest constitution over all the world. It consist on seven articles which are not more than seven thousand words.

    (iii) Enacted Constitution
    The American constitution is enacted Constitution which framed at convention of Philadelphia in 1787 and ratify in 1788 and implied in 1789.

    (iv) Rigid Constitution
    The American Constitution is the rigid constitution because the process of  amendment in it so complicate as the proposal of 2/3 majority by congress or state and the ratification must be by the three fourth of majority without only twenty six amendment in constitution during two hundred years.

    (v) Supremacy of Constitution
    The USA constitution has supremacy over all law’s parties, peoples or groups of the state.

    (vi) Sovereignty of the Peoples
    The USA Constitution shows the sovereignty of the people in the very start write that “ We people united states established the constitution for USA.”

    (vii) Federalism
    The constitution established the federal form of Government in which the powers divided between center and states where there is conflict between center and state. The central powers dominate.

    (viii) Separation of Power
    The Constitution is based on the doctrine of separation of power. It is not express in constitution but is implied in which the three pillar of Government not interfere in each other matters.

    (ix) Check and Balance
    In is also the system of check and Balance in it the executive check judiciary and legislation, judiciary check, legislation and executive, etc.

    (x) Bicameralism
    The constitution lays down the legislation as bicameralism. In which one congress, which consist on senate and House of Common. The senate member is two from every state. The member of House of Representative are according to population current are 538.

    (xi) Dual Citizenship
    The American constitution give every citizen is dual domicile as the citizenship of American and state.

    (xii) Dual Party System
    In it after convention decided the two dual party system. In American two strong parties
    v  Democrats
    v  Republicans

    (xiii) Independence of Judiciary
    In it the judiciary is independent  and not work under any authority.

    (xvi) Fundamental Rights
    The fundamental rights secure in constitution in first three amendments.

    (xv) Spoil system
    It consist on spoil system in which new president spoil the old cabinet.

    (xvi) Conventions
    Conventions play very important role in constitution. As, the president and vice President from different states. It is fruit of convention.

    (xvii) Republican
    In it the republican form of Government. People elect their members.

    (xviii) Hidden Beauty
    It has hidden beauties which are use as to custom in war etc.

    (xix) Federal Supremacy
    In it the federal Government or law is supreme over any state law.


    To conclude, it can be stated that American constitution can be considered as the oldest written constitution of the world. Since its codification, it has been changing so as to fulfill new needs of time. And amendments are playing important role as far as changes in American Constitution are concerned. 
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