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    Monday, 15 June 2015

    Powers of Governor of a Province

    1. Introduction
    In Pakistan, each of provinces has a Governor and such Governor is appointed by President of Pakistan after consultation with Prime Minister. All Provincial Governors are considered representatives of President of Pakistan in their provinces. Every Governor is ceremonial head of his province. Each Governor possesses those powers, which are similar to those of President of Pakistan. However, distinction is that Governor exercises these powers only in his province.

    2. Powers of Governor of a Province

    Followings are the powers of a Governor of a province

    (i) Summoning of meeting of Provincial Assembly
    From time to time, Governor can summon Provincial Assembly to meet at that time and place, which he thinks fit.

    (ii) Prorogation of meeting of provincial Assembly
    From time to time, Governor can prorogue Provincial Assembly.

    (iii) Right to address provincial assembly
    Governor has right to address provincial Assembly.

    (iv) Dissolution of Provincial Assembly on Advice of Chief Minister
    Governor can dissolve Provincial Assembly on advise of Chief Minister.

    (v) Discretion for Dissolution of Provincial Assembly
    Governor possesses discretion to dissolve Provincial Assembly. However, condition is that there should be approval of President of Pakistan in that situation, where no-confidence has been passed against Chief Minister and no other member of Provincial Assembly commands confidence of majority of members of Provincial Assembly.

    (vi) Governor’s assent for Legislation
    When a Bill is presented to Governor for assent, Governor is needed to assent to the Bill within ten days. However, when Bill is non Money-Bill, Governor has power to return the Bill to Provincial assembly with a message, which requests for reconsideration of the Bill or any of its specified provision and for considering amendment, which is specified in the message.

    (vii) Promulgation of ordinance
    Governor possesses power to promulgate ordinance.

    (viii) Emergency Powers
    In emergency, governor himself exercises all powers. Even he not only has power to issue important orders, but also has power to maintain law and order in his province.

    (ix) Appointment of advocate General
    In addition to some other appointments, Governor appoints advocate General of Province.

    (x) Appointment of Provincial Ministers
    Governor possesses power to appoint Provincial Ministers from members of Provincial Assembly on advice of Chief Minister.


    To conclude, it can be stated that office of Governor of a province is though regarded a ceremonial post, yet powers of a Provincial Governor are vastly increased, whenever governor rule is imposed. The reason is that administrative rule comes under direct control of Governor.
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