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    Friday, 23 October 2015

    Important Question Civil Procedural Code

    Important Question Civil Procedural Code

    1. Define Distinguish between judgment, decree and order?
    2. Define to power of civil courts?
    3. Discuss difference between first and second appeal?
    4. Explain the modes of service of Summon?
    5. On what grounds the remedy of revision is available to an aggrieved person?
    6. Explain the law relating to arrest and detention of judgment debtor in respect of execution of decree?
    7. How shall the court proceed if a party to suit fails to produce the evidence or cause of attendance?
    8. Discuss how relating to suit and executing proceeding by or against the government or public officer in their official capacity?
    9. Describe the manner in which a suit against minor can be instituted?
    10. In what circumstances the court may grant and refuse the temporary injection?
    11. Discuss upon the different stages of a suit?
    12. What is issue? How court frames issues. Can a court amend strike out issue once framed?
    13. What is meant by the term of cause of action?
    14. What is plaint? Describes its essentials contents?
    15. Court can order of attachment of property before the passing of final decree?
    16. In what cases the court may issue commission to examine a witness?
    17. Discuss in detail process for execution?
    18. Explain the territorial and pecuniary jurisdiction of court?
    19. Discuss in detail the grounds on which a plaint can be rejected?
    20. Short Notes on
    (i) Judge                          (ii) Small cause court                               (iii) Mesne Profit
    (iv)  Decree holder           (v) Judgment debtor.

    Limitation Act

    1. Define section 5 in detail of limitation act?
    2. What is the effect of “acknowledgement in writing” on period of limitation?
    3. Describes the reason and circumstances under which a court is authorized to condone the delay on filling the suit?
    4. Can time consumed in legal proceeding be excluded while computing limitation?
    5. Brief state in which cases limitation is
    a. Suspended                                       b. Interrupted                                      c. Extended
    6. Short Notes on
    1. Legal disability                                 2. Easement                                        3. Acknowledgment

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