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    Saturday, 26 December 2015

    Different Modes of Delivery

    1. Introduction
    Delivery means voluntary transfer of possession from one person to another person. Under Sale of Goods Act, person, between whom such voluntary transfer is made, are seller and buyer. Usually seller delivers goods to buyer. However, delivery can be made to some other person or authorized representative to buyer especially when buyer gives directions for making of such delivery. Delivery can be made immediately or can be made at some future date or can be made according to some condition, which is to be fulfilled.

    2. Different Modes of Delivery

    Following modes can be adopted for making of delivery.

    i. Actual Delivery
    If goods, which are being sold, are delivered to buyer, such delivery is called actual delivery.

    ii. Symbolic Delivery
    If goods, which are being sold, are of such nature that their actual delivery is very difficult and the goods cannot be moved from their place due to such difficulty, but seller shows through his specific move or gesture that such goods belong to buyer, such delivery is called symbolic delivery.

    iii. Implied or Constructive Delivery
    When some change is brought about in possession of goods, which are being sold, but no change is brought about in actual custody of the goods, such delivery is called implied or constructive delivery.


    To conclude, it can be stated that it can be observed from provisions of Sale of Goods Act that there should be a seller and buyer for sale of goods, these seller and buyer should be different person, and goods should be delivered from seller to buyer. It means that delivery of goods play very important role as far as a valid sale is concerned.
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