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    Thursday, 10 December 2015

    Important Question Legal Drafting

    Important Question Legal Drafting LLB Part 3


    1. Draft a plaint u/s 91 and 92 of C.P.C?
    2. Draft a plaint for dissolution of marriage on basis of “Khula” by wife?
    3. Draft a plaint for Dissolution of Partnership?
    4. Draft a suit for restitution of conjugal rights from the husband against wife?
    5. Draft a written statement in a money suit with defense of a set off with other defense?
    6. Draft a suit of jactitation? 
    7. Draft a plaint in a suit for specific performance?
    8. Draft a suit for possession through pre-emption also defines the right of pre-emption?
    9. Suit for a declaration of right with permanent injection?
    10. What are the defenses that can be taken in a civil court?
    11.   Write a Short Note
             Evasive Denial             Cause of action                 Set off            Verification of Pleading


    1. Define deed; Discuss the essential contents of a deed in details?
    2. Define Wakf, Draft a deed of wakf for mosque?
    3. Define power of attorney, Draft a general power of attorney for transfer of lease holds rights?
    4. Define notice; Draft a legal notice to tenant to vacate the shop with is needed to for his personal use?
    5. Define a gift and also describe essentials ingredients of a gift deed?
    6. Draft a deed of dissolution of partnership?
    7. What is meant by an exchange? Draft exchange deeds of lands?
    8. Describes the various kinds of mortgage and draft a specimen of mortgage by deposit of title deed?
    9. How a document can be cancelled. Rectified describe in details?

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