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    Thursday, 24 December 2015

    Important Questions The Minor Acts

    The Suit Valuation Act

    1. Explain the object of Sec # 8 of suit valuation act?
    2. Is the provincial government has the power to make rules under the above said act Sec. 13?
    3. Discuss in brief the determination value of certain suits by High Court?
    4. Discuss procedure where objective is taken in an appeal or revision that a suit or appeal was not properly valued?
    5. Explain the ingredient of Sec. 11 of suit valuation of act?
    6. Describe the difference between suit valuation for the purpose of court fee and purpose for the jurisdiction? 
    7. Object and purpose of suit valuation act

    The Court Fee Act

    1. Under what provision of law court has power the refund court fee. Explain circumstances?
    2. How is the valuation for court and jurisdiction determined in the following cases?
                 Suit for declaration                          Suit for partition 
                 Suit for possession                          Suit for possession through pre-emption
    3. Which document is exempt from payment of court fee?
    4. Note on refund of court fee?
    5. What is mortification suit how court fee is assessed on it?      

    The Rent Restriction Ordinance 1959     

    1. Explain the grounds for the eviction of tenant?
    2. Whether and ejectment order passed by the rent controller is appealable. If so under what provisions of law and explain condition for 2nd appeal in high court.          
    3. Write a note about appeal in rent cases explain with examples?
    4. Write a detail note on the following
                 Building                                                     Urban Area
    5. Distinguish Between
                 Land owner and Land Lord                    
                 Residential building and Schedule Building

    Arbitration Act

    1. Which order are appealable under arbitration act?
    2. Define the power of an arbitrator under what circumstances a court modify or correct award?
    3. After submission of award in court, explain the procedure and role of the court?
    4. Whether the death of any party will affect the arbitration agreement entered into by them?

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