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    Sunday, 13 December 2015

    Important Questions of Interpretation of Statutes

    Interpretation of Statutes

    1. What are the general principles of construction of statute?
    2. What are the different parts of statute? Explain in detail?
    3. How can an ambiguity in a statute be removed?
    4. Civil courts can inherent power to do justice in absence of expressed provisions of justice, Discuss?
    5. Short Notes on
                A. Revival of statute                           B. Legal fiction
                C. Repeal                                              D. Commencement 
    6. Define statute, what is meant by the term of interpretation of statute also explain different rules of interpretation of statutes?
    7. Court can interpret the law but they cannot fill lacunas in it discuss?
    8. Define beneficial and restrictive constitution?
    9. Discuss in detail directory, mandatory and imperative statutes?
    10. Define mischief rules, golden rules and literal rules?
    11. Define the doctrine of stare Discuss has any importance in the rules of interpretation of statute?
    12. What do you know about commencement, repeal and revival of legislation? Discuss in detail?
    13. Explain the term provision, explanation and repeal. Discuss in detail their scope and effect?
    14. Discuss in detail the court leans against ouster of jurisdiction?
    15. Describe different principles of treatment of general words in statutes?
    16. Define “Identical expression” and “change of language” and how would you like to explain these terms according to your own views?

    The General Clause of Act

    1. Under what section of general clause act power to appoint include power to remove or suspend? Comments.
    2. Discuss in detail the rules of “locus ponetentia” with reference to the relevant provision of law?
    3. Explain the terms of “will” and “condicil” in detail?
    4. What do you know about the continuation of order etc. issued under enactment repealed and re-enacted?

    5. Write short Notes on 
             Public nuisance                                  Abet                                 Affidavit
             Will                                                       Enactment                      May and Shall
             Document                                           Vessel                              Crord faith

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