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    Tuesday, 7 March 2017

    Office of Vice-President of United States of America

    1. Nature of Vice-Presidency in past
    When the office of the Vice-President was created, the fathers of the Constitution were 'not enthusiastic about it. Franklin Roosevelt once observed that he would prefer to be a Professor of History than the Vice-President of America. Woodrow Wilson described the position of the Vice-President as one of "anomalous in significance and curious uncertainty."

    2. Functions of Vice-President

    Following are the Important Functions of American Vice-President:

    a. The Vice-President presides over the sessions of the Senate.
    The Vice-President presides over the sessions of the 'Senate. However, the Presiding Officer of the Senate has to follow the customs and traditions of the Senate. Hence, much discretion is not left with him. He has a vote in case of tie.

    b. The Vice-President succeeds the President
    The Vice-President is to succeed the President in case he dies, or resigns, or is removed by impeachment. In this case he occupies the President's office for the remainder of the term. Vice-President Truman succeeded to the Presidential office in 1964 on Roosevelt's death.

    On nine occasions, Vice-Presidents have succeeded to the Presidency on account of the deaths of the Presidents. President Harrison died in 1841, and he was succeeded by Vice-President Taylor. When President Kennedy was assassinated on 23 November, 1963, he was succeeded by Vice-President Johnson.

    c. The 25th Amendment of the constitution
    The 25th Amendment of 1967 provides that the Vice-President would take over the duties and responsibilities of the President if the latter states in writing that he is unable to carry out his duties, and if the V ice-President and a majority of the Heads of the Executive Department believe that the President is suffering from disability and send to the Congress a declaration of that effect. In such a case, the Vice-President only acts for the President and a soon as the incapacity of the President is over, the President once again starts performing his duties.

    3. Function of Vice-President in modern times

    In modern times, the office of Vice President has grown in importance: He actively participates in the meetings of the Presidential Cabinet and also presides over these in the absence of President. Sometimes, the Vice President' may, be assigned the charge of any portfolio permanent. During the period of his Vice Presidency, Nixon acted as Chairman of the Committee on Government Agreements. Acting as Vice President, Nixon and Johnson both contributed a lot in the projection of this office. Under Reagan administration, George Bush IP' performed very important role as Vice President.
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