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    Thursday, 12 February 2015

    Fully Explain Objective Resolution 1949

    Constitutional history of Pakistan opened with objective Resolution. It was the first constitutional document of Pakistan. It provided foundation or base of constitution development in Pakistan. Later on, it was included in Preamble of all three constitutions of Pakistan. Now it is part of Constitution of Pakistan 1973

    Objective Resolution 1949
    The Constitution Assembly on 12th March 1949 passed objective resolution. It was first step toward constitutional development. It was passed by majority of the Assembly.

    The objective resolution presents a model of the combination of the western and Islamic democratic values. It served as preamble of the constitution.

    Silent features of Objective Resolution 1949

    Silent Features or Constitutional Status or Importance of Objective Resolution

    Following are the features/status/importance of objective resolution

    It has been decide in Objective Resolution that sovereignty belongs to Allah alone.

    It has been settled that Pakistan will be a federation.

    Fundamental Rights
    Objective Resolution has provided guarantee for fundamental rights for people of Pakistan and it has decided that no Law, which is against the Fundamental Rights will be made.

    Independence of Judiciary
    Objective Resolution has admitted that judiciary will remain independent for Providing of justice easily.

    Rights of Minorities
    It has been decided in Objective Resolution that adequate Provisions will be made for rights and protection of minorities.

    Development of Backward Areas
    It was declared that development of Backward Areas of Pakistan will be made soon.

    Defense of Pakistan
    It was declared that defense of the country will be made strong.

    Religious freedom of Minorities
    All minorities shall be given religions freedom. They have right to live according to the teaching of their religion.

    Welfare State
    Objective Resolution has decided that Pakistan will be a welfare state, which will work for prosperity of its own people and for promotion of international peace.

    Territories of Pakistan

    The objective resolution also provides the territories of Pakistan. The following territories include in Pakistan.
    • The Punjab
    • The Balochistan
    • The Sindh
    • The N.W.F.P

    Islamic way of Life
    Efforts will be made to adopt Islamic way of life in the country and opportunities will be provided to Muslims to live according to the teaching of Islam.

    To conclude that Objective Resolutions provided basic principles for constitution making. In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, it was passed by the majority in the Assembly. It is in accordance with the spirit of Islam. The constitution 1973 of Pakistan also adopted it as preamble. But through amendment in 1985, it become an operative part of constitution in Article 2-A.
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