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    Wednesday, 11 February 2015

    Silent Feature of Govt Indian Act 1935

    Govt of India Act 1935 was a mixed reaction among the major Political parties after the failure of the 3rd round table conference with the passage of time, their resentment and bitterness increased. In such situation, major Indian parties demanded more participation in central Government. Consequently, British Parliament has to pass Govt of India Act in 1935. The bill was discussed in House of Commons for 43 days and 13 days in the House of Lord and finally, after sign of King it was enforced.

    Silent Feature of Indian Act 1935

    Follow are Silent Feature of Indian Act 1935

    Written Act
    The Govt India Act 1935 was in written form which consisted of 14 Parts and 10 Schedules.

    Provincial Autonomy
    The Govt of India Act 1935 introduced the Provincial autonomy. All the Ministers were responsible to the legislature.

    Direct Election
    Method of direct elections was introduced one third Muslim representation in central legislature. 1/3rd Muslim representation in central legislature was guaranteed.

    Separation of Burma and Adden
    Burma and Adden were separated from India.

    Governor Provinces
    The Govt of India act 1935 also introduced the eleven Governor Provinces.

    5 Chief Commissioner Provinces
    Another important feature of the Govt of India Act 1935  was that it created 5 Chief commissioners Provinces.

    Responsible Govt
    The Govt of India Act 1935 provided a reasonable govt which had to be accountable for its acts.

    Separate & Communal Electorates
    Separate electorate was retained. However, its scope was enlarged by giving separate electorate to Anglo-Indians and Indo-Christians.

    Finance Bill
    Without permission of Governor General, no finance bill could be placed in Federal Legislature. It was another defect of this act.

    To conclude, it can be stated that provincial part of this act was introduced while its federal part was never introduced. Even both Muslim and Hindu political leadership criticized this act. However, reality is that Indian Independence Act and Government of India Act provided interim constitution for Pakistan after independence.
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