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    Thursday, 19 February 2015

    Speaker of National Assembly

    National Assembly is lower house of bicameral Parliament of Pakistan. Speaker is the presiding officer of the National Assembly. Speaker enjoys great respect in the house In Pakistan, speaker is impartial person.

    Relevant Provisions
    Article 53 constitution of Pakistan

    He should be member of National Assembly.

    Procedure for Election of Speaker of National Assembly

    Following points are important to explain it

    1. Election in First Meeting of New National Assembly
    After a general election, new National Assembly elects its Speaker at its first meeting.

    2. Exclusion of any Other Business
    All its first meeting, new National Assembly elects its Speaker and does this to the exclusion of any other business.

    3. Presiding Officer of First Meeting of New National Assembly
    Speaker of former National Assembly presides over first meeting of new National Assembly for election of Speaker of new National Assembly.

    4. Election of Speaker when Office of Speaker Become Vacant
    Whenever office of Speaker of National Assembly becomes vacant, National Assembly elects another member as Speaker.

    5. Oath of Office : A- 53(2)
    The Speaker shall take oath of office before National Assembly. The form of oath set out in the third schedule.

    Term of Office
    Term of office of the Speaker is usually 5 years.

    Removal or Terminat6ion of Speaker
    The Assembly shall give the notice of resolution of non confidence seven days earlier. If the resolution is passed by the majority of the total membership, the speaker shall cease to hold the office and when such resolution is under process the speaker cannot preside over the house.

    Power and Functions of Speaker of National Assembly

    Following are the power and functions of speaker of National Assembly

    1. Judging the Validity of Money Bill
    It is the power of speaker to judge the validity of money bill. He decides whether a bill is money bill or otherwise.

    2. Preside the Session of House
    It is the most important duty of the speaker to preside over the house.

    3. Maintenance of Disciplines
    Speaker has power to maintain the discipline of the house.

    4. Casting Vote
    Speaker has no right to vote but when there are Duality votes he can use his vote.

    5. Grant Permission of Questions
    Speaker is empowered to grant permission of question to members in the house. Speaker can approve or over-rule the adjournment motion in the house.

    6. Acting President
    In absence of chairman of senate. Speaker is officiating president.

    7. Summon the Session of National Assembly
    Speaker is empowered to summon the session of National Assembly on the request of one forth of total members of the Assembly.


    To conclude that Speaker is the presiding office of National Assembly. He is elected by the house. He is not a party man. His most important function is to preside over the Assembly and maintain discipline in the house.
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